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Posted on: October 6, 2011

By Kirsten Smith

  Congratulations to Teacher of the Month, fifth grade teacher Lisa Mansour.    She worked in Needville before coming to Smith and she has taught grades second through fifth.  Mansour stated, “The greatest honor that comes with being a teacher is when students say they love to come into the science room and learn something new and exciting.”

  The Running Club meets at the track on Tuesdays and runs for an hour.  Coach Teri Lucky runs the club and allows students to bring music, cold drinks and pedometers to count the miles that they run.  The club is for students to have fun and exercise.

  The district Science Olympiad will be on Saturday, October 22.  There are four teams from Smith competing in events such as building straw towers, flying airplanes to land on targets, and solving crimes using science.  The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday and is sponsored by fifth grade teacher Lisa Mansour.

  Music teacher, Marlory Waldo runs the Rhythm Club.  Her club this year has expanded to include the Rhythm Club Singers and the Rhythm Club Players.  The players meet after school once a week and learn how to play various percussion instruments in an ensemble.  The singers meet in the morning before school twice a week.  Both groups are preparing for our Veteran’s Day program in November. Together both groups will perform “One Day” by Matisyahu.  The song is about our hope for peace and celebration for people who are fighting for freedom around the world.

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