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An older site mentioned today at Free Technology for teachers. Lots of science and math data and graphing activitites on baseball. For our students living in the Houston area, this is a perfect site to add to the excitement of our new Skeeters baseball stadium. Check out the site at


We checked half of the rooms today.  It appears that most of the babies are growing well.  There were about 3 eggs that were duds.  I pulled less sparrow nests out today (3), and there were no pecked eggs in the nests and no evidence of pecked eggs on the ground.

It looks like that there were several nests that were started by Purple Martins, and were not finished.  I’m not sure if that means that the martins in that room died elsewhere or if they had multiple rooms and decided to abandon some.  Perhaps they left the colony but there are loads of martins flying above our school. 

Check back on Tuesday for movies of our birds now starting to get their feathers.

Also, good thing that I put in a safety feature on my small house…it might have been my last nest check. We had drilled a safety bolt high up above my head just in case the house lost control. I was tired and had forgotten that I was bringing down the house with no automatic brake. Luckily it stopped on the bolt and I didn’t lose any eggs. I probably gave the parents heart failure.

Today we counted 37 babies and 62 eggs.

We had our last fundraiser to help us with our field trip to Texas A & M. It was so successful, we want to do it again!!

Our fifth grade students are getting read to take the STAAR Science test. Our science teacher designed 2 days of enjoyable activities to get them pumped up for the test and help review.

Today we counted 91 eggs. The martins seemed to have fought off most of the sparrows from the small house too. One of the females was still in the T-14 when I brought it down, and I tried to work fast. We hope that we didn’t disrupt her laying of her egg. Unfortunately, early afternoon is the only time that I can give attention to the houses. We will load our movies tonight with our second graders learning about the eggs.

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